मूर्तिकार (Sculptor)

Once a sculptor was going through the jungle, the sculptor saw a stone; the sculptor thought that he could become an idol

He stopped right there and pulled it out of the bag and hit the stone, then the sound of the stone did not hit me, do not hurt me.

 Go ahead and go sculptor scared, he started thinking that the sound is coming from the stone in the forest.

The sculptor was kind and he went ahead, walked away a few times, he saw another stone, the sculptor said that it looks like a stone and it can become an idol

The sculptor picked up the same from the bag and was about to hit the stone, but no longer the sound of the stone, the sculptor made an idol from the stone

The sculptor thought that this huge idol has been built, to carry it, I will come with three four people and the sculptor crosses the forest and crosses the village.

 The villagers said that your only wait was the temple, now the idol needs to be installed.

The sculptor said, what is the need to create an idol idol then I have come here, three-four people come with me to bring the idol

People came to the idol in the forest, the idol was established in the village with pomp and now the villagers said that now another stone is needed to break the coconut
शिव मंदिर

 The sculptor said one stone should be a stone and in the forest I left him the same way
We come with it

Then what was the three-four people brought the stones in the forest. Now both these stones were in the same forest and they came to the same place in the temple

But alas, a stone was being worshiped, the aarti was being used but the other was going to break the coconut on the stone

The stone in which you were going to break the coconut, you told it on the other stone. You are enjoying a lot of fun worshiping the aarti, the vaccines are going to be enjoying.

Then the other stone said that if you had taken the first strike then you would have been worshiping it today.

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लोकप्रिय पोस्ट